Our Artists

Berkha Creative Director / Owner

Berkha started off very early- at the age of seventeen. She was a student of the Fine Arts and always had the tendency to be creative. She  loved the instant change that came with makeup, so she would do it for her friends and family. Instead of becoming an artist who paints, she  changed her course to working with people and realized she enjoyed having a face as a canvas to work and play with. She is known for her unique, adventurous, and innovative make-up techniques . She has a talent for using bold hues . Berkha is limitless, a mindset that enables her boundless creativity and diverse range of looks. Her art lies within the reinvention of makeup and experimentation. She managed to find that fusion between European and Asian styles for brides .

Hareem Master Artist

Former Mac Artist Hareem is known for creating  subtle bridal looks . 

Sonia Makeup Artist

Mahi Coordinator / Manager

Lindsey Makeup Artist

Sidrah Mubashir Makeup Artist

Sidrah is very passionate in her makeup artistry and it shows in all of her client interactions and makeup applications.

She has great ideas for Fashion Face beauty  and we value her creativity and drive. As a Senior Makeup Artist for Fashion Face beauty , Sidrah is an asset to our team and sets a great example with her artistry and professionalism.